Infected by your Genetics

Rules Aren’t Meant to be Broken

  1. No OOC drama. If you have an issue, then go to the mods about it.
  2. No, absolutely NO god modding.
  3. Inactive after 4 days without telling an admin, your role will be reopened.
  4. Multi Para RP. No one liners, nothing shorter than a well developed eight sentence MINIMUM paragraph. We prefer 2+ paragraphs or 1 large one. Chatzy paras are also welcomed.
  5. Please be literate. It’ll make it easier for your partner to understand and respond to paras.
  6. Will feature Mature themes, please be prepared for this. Mature themes include drugs, alcohol, sex, violence. For this reason, you must be at least 16 to apply.
  7. Face claimes are not negotiable for the twins.
  8. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy roleplaying. :)

To ensure you’ve read these rules, please mention “Infected by your Genetics” somewhere on your application. (hint, under “anything else”)